Bivác Ensemble (in Persian: کوارتت بیــــــواک) is a contemporary classical ensemble, originally formed as string quartet in 2016 -Tehran- by the composer and producer Pedram Babaiee, with the main idea of presenting work of living Persian composers to the world – With a vision beyond any geographical borders and with an intention beyond idea of right or wrong.

In early 2017 and early 2019 -facing unexpected series of challenges-, Bivác Ensemble met an entire lineup changes and right now, Bivác string quartet is open to submissions; The deadline is June 20th and the current lineup is:


? - Violin

Farnaz Darouee - Violin

? - Viola

?- Violoncello

Saeed Shams - Clarinet

In 2018, Bivác started touring the preview performance of project “Ruins of a Memoir” written by Pedram Babaiee for Piano quintet, featuring Pedram himself as the pianist.

Former members of string quartet section:


- Mostafa Hayatgheybi, Violin

- Niki Yaghmaee, Viola

- Babak Koohestani, Violin

- Sahar Nateghi, Violin

- Danial Foroughi, Violoncello

- Ashkan Fakhari, Viola

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Bivác Ensmebe

Former members highlights: